"I've found that when life's brush obscures my view with gloomy strokes that seem to mar the scene, God's hand appears and gives to sunless hue and dreary skies a more majestic sheen." Gustafson

30 June 2009

DAY 146

The day is winding down and I'm chilling on the couch after a fun little 20 minute workout....again with 5 lb weights, lunges, arm & leg lifts and 150 crunches. Sadly, Chris still hasn't made it home and it's almost 10PM so I'm hoping to get my blog updated and everything in order before he walks in so I can veg with him for a bit before bed.

Eating wise, I feel really good about my food choices today. I even had an opportunity to get a Starbucks drink and didn't....huge victory! Not a major deal but I'm trying to stick to one a week AND I don't need the extra calories.

The kids and I enjoyed family dinner with Mimi and Papa and had fun swinging and hanging on the porch this evening...there was a really nice breeze. Bath time was fun as I listened to Brit make up stories with her Barbies and watched little man dump buckets of water on his head.

I'm in a spirit to share a resource that has really helped me in my "eating disorder" journey. No, I don't have a normal ED but I do have an unhealthy obsession with food and so I fall into that category. It's not talked about much because our society and culture revolves around food; mostly junk food. Anyway, my friend Constance Rhodes started FindingBalance here in Franklin and I wanted to share her website and blog link so you can check-out this incredible ministry to women who struggle with food.



Also, I got this email excerpt from Chantel Hobbs this morning and wanted to share it.

Hi there "Never Say Dieters"!

I want to talk to you this morning about attitude.
It seems to me when I look back on my own struggles, I always heard - change your attitude, attitude is everything!
While changing it or recognizing the importance of having a postive one can be important- these sayings are overrated!
Here's why:
Even with the greatest attitude in the world- without actually putting action behind it, you'll get nothing for it and go nowhere.

Here's your challenge for the week:

Find a way to DO something new each day that is going to help you get further along with your weight loss and desire to build discipline.

Try a new exercise
Add 15 minutes to your walk
Give up the second cup of coffee
Create a New Healthy Salad
Write yourself a note thanking "YOU" for taking charge of your life

You get the idea- there is no wrong THING to DO as long as it is something new and something measurable-
The goal is to end each day feeling great that you took on a challenge and backed your willing attitude with REAL action!

Much Love-
Staying the Course with YOU!

Abundance is...a comfy couch and a quiet home...even if only for a few minutes.

29 June 2009

DAY 145

Happy Monday! 'Twas a great start to my week. I started my morning in the Word, I just love getting alone in my closet and spending time with the Lord. Work went well and then little man had a follow-up appt at the doctor's to check is iron levels. Praise the Lord his levels are up and he no longer has to be on iron drops! That stuff is so gross and stinky! Plus, there was a court date today and we found out that little man will remain in state custody, which in turn means he will remain with us (hopefully) until the adoption is final. We serve a MIGHTY God!

I took the kids on a little shopping spree to stock-up on stuff for Russia and then we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. When we pulled up, Chris surprised us! That's two nights in a row he's gotten off work early or on time. Other than one fry and a handful of saltines, I ate pretty healthy. And I didn't OD on food at work OR eat after 8PM tonight. Which lately has become a habit.

I just spent 25 minutes doing lunges, weights, arm curls, leg lifts and 100 crunches. I already feel it in my legs. Yay!

Abundance is...an unexpected dinner with Chris & the kids!

28 June 2009

DAY 144

It's 10:45PM and I just jumped off the treadmill! I normally don't like working out after 9:30PM but I MADE myself get on and pushed through for 45 minutes. I feel so much better for it, too!

Today has been a fun Sunday. The kids and I went to the pool with Mimi and Papa and stayed for a few hours. We enjoyed nap time afterward and then one of my team mates from Russia came to the house so we could prep. Chris had a fun work function this evening so the kids and I enjoyed bath time together!

I ate fairly healthy today and hope to incorporate more fruits, veggies and whole grains this week. I'm committing now NOT to get on the scale in the morning. It hasn't been doing me much good anyway except making me discouraged so I'm not going to focus on a number this week!

Abundance is...walking into Brit's room and watching the kids dancing together to a crazy song on the radio!

27 June 2009

DAY 142 & 143

I promise I didn't fall off the wagon, our internet was down yesterday and some of today but I'm back and ready to post about the last 2 days!

Yesterday was a busy day and I battled another migraine the majority of the day. Thus, one cappucino, one Dr. Pepper and one Caramel lite Frap later in addition to a dose of Excedrin migraine. I had another mild headache today so I did drink another Dr. Pepper. My commitment has been broken but it won't become a habit. I just know that I need caffeine with I get bad headaches and I can't always go get a pricey Starbucks drink so I opted for the cheaper, quicker route of a soda.

I found a great website by Chantell Hobbs that has some good tips and tools to help you on your lifestyle health changes. Check her out! www.chantellhobbs.com.

We had dinner last night with my former boss at EMI and his sweet family and had THE best time! We love spending time with them. They grilled out delicious steaks and we ate a pretty healthy meal of wild rice, green beans, salad and rolls. We didn't want to leave! The kids had a blast, too!

When we got home, we were greeted by a big mess in the attic. The water drain on our air conditioner overflowed so we spent a good amount of time up in the attic with the wet vac cleaning up the mess. Chris got that fixed this morning (praise the Lord he's so skilled) and was able to get our phones & internet back up today, as well. We enjoyed a great time at the pool as a family and then went to church and Cracker Barrel this evening.

Instead of the treadmill tonight, I decided to try some new exercises in my Woman's Day magazine. They included lunges, leg lifts, weights and I did 100 crunches with a weight in hand. It was a nice change from the treadmill. I really want to build muscle in my arms and get rid of the flabby parts.

Abundance is...the glorious pink sunset tonight.

25 June 2009

DAY 141

I feel like I'm reliving Day 140!! Ha! Late night again, just finished a sweet Bible Study with my friend (we met for over 2 hours!). Little man's cousin came for a playdate this afternoon so we had a great time together with her. It's been a busy day! I'm blown away by God's provisions.
Sad that it's been 2 days and no treadmill time. Eating went ok but not great.
Abundance is...unexpected blessings.

24 June 2009

DAY 140

It's been a long day and I'm pooped so I'll make this short and sweet. Some dear friends watched the kids tonight so I could go to my Russia team meeting and I didn't get home until 9:50! We got Brit down and then Chris and I talked and caught-up. Needless to say, I didn't get any treadmill time today. Still working on increasing my fruit and veggie intake and did pretty good with it today. BUT, I came home and started eating...George is in town again! I don't want to use that as an excuse, though so I'm hoping for a better tomorrow.
Abundance is...sweet afternoon moments with the kids.

23 June 2009

DAY 139

Just hopped off the treadmill after 45 minutes (and 400 calories burned)! After I post, Chris and I are heading out to the deck to enjoy this gorgeous, "cool" evening for a bit before bed.
Not a ton to report today but I did eat lots of fruits and veggies. Little man had a hard night last night so we're praying for some much needed rest tonight.
Abundance is...the blessing of family and friends!

22 June 2009

DAY 138

Today was weigh-in day and according to our scale, I was down 1.5 lbs!! I'm tempted to chunk the scale and not weigh-in altogether and just go by the way my clothes feel since it's less obsessive. The last few days, I've started incorporating some of the things the authors of "Skinny Bitch" suggest....like eating fruit first thing in the morning - 30 minutes before anything else; eating more fruits and veggies; cutting back on meats and dairy. I consumed a lot of great foods that aren't typically on my list or in our house (I really stocked up this week at Trader Joe's!) - grapefruit, sweet potatoes, edamame (thank you, Lord for edamame!), beans & salsa, and peaches. I didn't have any meat today and the only dairy food I had was some light sour cream with my beans and salsa. I must say I feel so satisfied after a day chocked full of healthy foods! Still trying to bump up my water intake, to purify my body.
Excited to say I turned down a Sonic drink (my boss was paying and I politely said NO!) and I resisted the granola bars and crackers in the office. I even got in a 30 minute walk on the treadmill!
Abundance is...a surprise visit from Brit and Mimi at work. Made my day!

21 June 2009

DAY 137

I'm SO thankful for my sweet hubs, Dad & Dad-in-law! We had a fun day celebrating! Brit and I made Chris breakfast (muffins & an omelet with watermelon) and enjoyed watching Chris read his cards and open his gifts. We got him a few gift cards to his favorite spots and I surprised him with portraits of the kids (it's kind of a Father's Day tradition I started last year). The pics turned out amazing! Then, Chris humored us and we had some fun family time at the pool! Then he went for a scooter ride and when he came back, Brit and I had transformed the bonus room downstairs into a spa! We had candles lit, soft music playing, hot towels, a peppermint on his pillow, a drink and lots of lotions! We escorted him in and had him soak his feetsies in a foot massaging tub while we massaged his hands and arms. After his foot soak, we laid him back on comfy pillows and massaged his feet until he fell asleep. We left him down there for a long nap! This evening, we had a great dinner with Mimi & Papa at McAlister's (I got the best vegetarian greek feta "pizza"!). It was a glorious day!

Food wise, I enjoyed lots of fruits and veggies (edamame, watermelon, strawberries, apple, green peppers, black olives, red peppers) BUT I killed the cinnamon streusel muffins we made for breakfast. :[ We ordered a slice of key lime pie and a slice of banana pudding pie for Papa & Chris at dinner and I'm happy to say I only had ONE bite of each! I wanted the whole key lime but I stopped myself at one bite. Still doesn't make up for my crazy muffin obsession today. And I had every intention of getting in at least a 15 minute walk on the treadmill tonight BUT the dishes and laundry are screaming my name and I want to get in bed at a decent time.
Abundance is...watching the love of my life playing with the kids.

20 June 2009

DAY 136

Happy Mother's Day! Not quite, BUT I did get to use my Mother's Day gift card to Serendipity today. It was FABULOUS to say the least! I got a French manicure, my first ever, and I'm so impressed. I don't do my nails so the fact that they look so natural and beautiful is amazing. Then, I had my eyebrows waxed. It was definitely an experience! I was escorted into a dimly lit room with soft music playing and got to lay back in the softest massage chair. The waxing hurt (of course!) but then the lady massaged my eyebrows and covered the area with lotion. It was dreamy! I'll NEVER go back to the other salon, this place is the best! If you live in or near Franklin, you've GOT to go sometime! The rest of the day Brit and I shopped at Trader Joe's, Target and Kroger. We stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies. On another note, I'm curious if any of you have ever used a product called Juice Plus?? I was recently approached by a friend encouraging me to try their products. I definitely want to look into it. Let me know if you've ever used it.

We went to church this evening with the family and then Moe's for dinner. I ate a fairly healthy vegetarian quesadilla and substituted the chips for some of little man's goldfish! I drank lots of water today...trying to stay hydrated! I just jumped off the treadmill after a 35 minute walk and feel really good. Chris and I are about to catch a movie in our living room!
Abundance is...my luxurious "spa" day.

19 June 2009

DAY 135

What a fun dia! I only work half days on Fridays so after work, I headed down to Spring Hill to help a friend do some organizing in her home. I had a blast and so enjoyed time with her! I heart helping people create order in their homes and could do this the rest of my life. Then, I came home and picked up Chris and the kids and took a road trip down to M'boro to the Discovery Center. It was free night so we got to experience some really cool stuff...the kids had the best time! We decided to eat at Red Robin for dinner since we don't have one here in Franklin and it's one of our favs. Dinner was chaotic with the kids to say the least and we were reminded that that's the reason we hardly ever eat at sit down restaurants. You spend a lot AND don't get to enjoy it as long with fussy kids. Regardless, we had a sweet evening together.
The bad news is, I caved and had fries with my dinner. The good news is, I CHOSE to get on the treadmill even though my tummy hurt from overeating and eating crap. I walked for 50 minutes...the pace was slower than normal but I'm proud of myself for getting on!
Abundance is....the provision to take road trips and eat special meals out.

18 June 2009

DAY 134

I have a tendency to run and hide when I "fail" so I'll be honest in that I didn't want to post tonight. I've noticed spiritually I've been "hiding" too this past week. Shame and guilt keep me down. I've eaten terrible this week and didn't get my workout again today (just finished bible study with a friend). Trusting that I will make better choices tomorrow.
Abundance is...sweet moments on the phone with my parents.

17 June 2009

DAY 133

Not too much to report today. We had our last home study meeting today, woohoo! Then it was hang time with the kids, a trip to Target and story time with Daddy. We didn't get Brit down until after 9:30AM and then we cleaned up and folded laundry. So I didn't get a workout in today and eating still needs to get back on track.
I'm thinking about reading "Skinny Bitch" again (we actually have it on audio book). The authors make a lot of good points, some of which I'll never be able to fully comply with but I remember implementing some of the things they encouraged and for about 2 weeks my body felt so much better. I will never be a vegetarian but I'd like to get in the habit of incorporating some of their advice. We'll see!
Abundance is...listening to Britain spell every word she sees! She's doing amazing!

16 June 2009

DAY 132

Good news, bad news! Just jumped off the treadmill after a 45 minute walk! However, the 400+ calories I burned MAY have helped a little but I totally bombed this afternoon and let the candy and sweets in the house take me over the edge. I seriously cannot be trusted sometimes with them in the house! That's exactly why I hardly ever buy this stuff!
Regardless of my lack of self-control, today was a nice day. Work went well and I had a fun afternoon/evening with the kids. Tuesdays are family night with Mimi and Papa so we enjoyed dinner together and then hung out. Chris made it home in time to read with Brit and tuck her in bed.
Abundance is...rejoicing with a friend when truth prevails!

15 June 2009

DAY 131

Weigh-in disaster day! Sad to say I gained 2.5 lbs this past week! URGH! I KNOW it's really NOT about the numbers on the scale but I can't help being frustrated with myself. Guess the candy and no workouts two days in a row didn't help!
All in all, it was a great day despite my not so fun weigh-in. I had another home study meeting this afternoon right after work...the kids were pretty good about occupying themselves while I sat at the kitchen table being interviewed. Happy to say I just jumped off the treadmill after 30 minutes of walking. Yay! Chris is just now heading home for a late night of work so I'm anxious to see him.
One of my dear friends reminded me about the book "Captivating" so I dusted it off this morning and began to feast again on God's truth about me as His daughter and as a woman. Deep heart stuff...really sweet.
Abundance is...butterfly kisses and giggling with Brit at bedtime...such sweet moments tonight!

14 June 2009

DAY 130

Oh happy day! Today was so sweet (literally, see below)! The kids and I did our Father's Day shopping (early) and then met my dear friend for lunch at "Welcome to Moe's!" Then we hit the road for Smyrna for Brit's friend's 5th birthday party. We stayed for a few hours and had a blast. I withstood the temptations of the chocolate chip cookie at Moe's, the birthday cake and ice cream but the bag of goodies that came home with us from the party took me under (not your fault Ally, I need self-discipline!). I've done stellar on my commitment to no desserts but totally caved tonight. And to top off my sweet tooth tonight and I didn't workout. Two reasons...struggling with another migraine AND Chris and I finally made the time to watch "Fireproof." Excellent movie and so worth it!
Thankful for the new day tomorrow and a new beginning.
Abundance is...quiet moments with Chris.

13 June 2009

DAY 129

Ok folks, this will be sweet and short as I'm battling a really bad migraine. Today was such a great day! Little man no longer looks like a girl! We got his hair cut for the first time and he was an angel! It's the coolest cute and styled and spikey on top. Then we hit Merridee's for lunch (I didn't eat great) and then we "talked" Brit into checking out Sweet & Sassy. She's had two bad hair experiences in the past at other places so Chris has been trimming it the last few times. She was a big girl and decided she wanted to get her's trimmed and layered. She was a champ too. We ended up at Toysrus for a quick visit and treat and then home again for some R&R. Brit and I did a Kroger run and then we went to church and Chickfila for dinner (again, I didn't get the greatest). Great day... but no workout and a slacker on my eating plan.
Abundance is...the contentment and joy family days bring to my heart!

12 June 2009

DAY 128

I'm going, going, almost gone so I'll make this brief. I was able to get in 50 minutes on the treadmill tonight and burned over 400 calories!! We had a long home study meeting that went great this afternoon and then took the kids to Cracker Barrel and made a pit stop at Walmart on the way home. Chris and I just got our after-the-kids-go-down date on the couch watching a movie and now we're off to bed. Sadly, I haven't been tracking my points well this week.
Abundance is...the gorgeous pink sunset tonight.

11 June 2009

DAY 127

So sad to start a blog out with this...but I wanted a Dr. Pepper soooooooo bad today! But I DIDN'T cave...woohoo!! Little man and I both had doctor appointments this afternoon...mine not so fun (I'll spare the details!). Sweet evening with the kids and Chris was actually home before 8 tonight! Amazing! He just left on a drive out to Hermitage to pick-up the cutest (and cheap) little wooden vanity we found on Craiglist for Brit. She desperately needs a place for all her girlie bows and jewelry and accessories...she collects them like Fancy Nancy!
I'm making myself shut the computer off after this and go C-L-E-A-N! No treadmill tonight but I'll be movin and shakin as I mop and dust!
Abundance is...silly dancin with the fam before bedtime...my fav!

10 June 2009

DAY 126

Well, I think I successfully worked off the dag-um animal crackers I ate after dinner! Just jumped off the treadmill after a good 30 minute workout. I cranked up the incline and speed the last five minutes to really get the sweat flowing.
Today was such a sweet day. The kids were especially loveys. We surprised Daddy with a late dinner (he didn't roll in from work until 8:30'ish) so we lit a candle, had music playing in the background and sat with him while he ate. We watched videos of U2, Coldplay and Keith Urban (on the laptop) while we hung with him. Then we enjoyed bedtime stories and prayers.
Abundance is...the giggles and laughter of my precious little boy. He laughs even when I'm not touching him!

09 June 2009

DAY 125

'Twas a pleasantly productive peaceful day at work today (like the alliteration?). I will say I was on the phone with my doctor and dentist discussing some issues...seems like I'm falling apart now that I'm in my thirties! The kids and I had fun this afternoon hanging with our next door neighbors and helping them plant a few things in their new garden. Then we made dinner for Mimi and Papa and played a matching game after our "feast". Chris had to work late so we played our way through bath time and bedtime stories. After I got the kids down, I started some "chores" and decided NOT to workout. It was pushing 9:45 so I gave myself the night off and I'm not going to feel bad about it! Although I WAS eating some broccoli salad and strawberries while I folded laundry. :)
I need to close the laptop now....sweet dreams my friends!
Abundance is...sipping a cup of French Vanilla brew.

08 June 2009

DAY 124

Just jumped off the treadmill!! Got my 30 minute workout in...I overslept this morning so I didn't get any closet time but I just had a sweet prayer walk!
I weighed this morning and again I'm the same weight I've been for the last month or so. The weight's not going down but I'm maintaining and I was able to get into a pair a shorts I haven't worn in over a year!
Are you ready to hear a new commitment I made today?? I've decided to give up sodas again (only the 100th time in my life!). Lately, I've been drinking one a day which just isn't necessary or healthy...and I don't do diet drinks so I'm drinking lots of sugar! Typically when I feel prompted to give-up something, I would go overboard that day and then quit the next day. I desperately wanted one last Dr. Pepper today but felt like I needed to be obedient today and not wait.
The kids and I had a fun afternoon together and got to play with our neighbors before dinner.
We have a huge adoption praise! Little man's Aunt & Uncle were able to briefly meet with the head lady in the tribe on the rez today about us. They have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow night to potentially give her our letter and pictures. Please continue to pray for God's favor. Yesterday marks 1 year since God called us to move forward in adopting. It was a great day!
Abundance is...watching God move mightily!

07 June 2009

DAY 123

My day started out making Mickey Mouse shape pancakes (with sprinkles) and eating Alfresco on the deck with the kids! It was so fun! Then we hit the pool with Mimi. I'm definitely feeling the heat on my back tonight but I so need the color. I actually took a nap while little man was down and Brit was having some quiet time...it was wonderful! Later this afternoon, we did some major grocery shopping. Chris got home a decent hour so we got to spend time with the kids together, do a little more shopping and tag team baths and bedtime stories. I love our evenings together!
Excited to report that I got my buns on the treadmill tonight for 40 minutes....it's been way too stinkin' long since I've gotten a solid workout! I weigh-in tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. Eating hasn't been the greatest. New week ahead!
Abundance is...little helpers at the grocery and a full stocked pantry!

06 June 2009

Day 122

Today has been one of the most memorable days! We had a GREAT family day together. Brit and I painted each other's nails and we found a great table set for our deck. Brit's excited about eating Alfresco outside tomorrow! This afternoon before church, Chris informed me that we were having a date night. So we took the kids to church, served in the Learning Center and then left for Nashville. Sweet Mimi and Papa took over with the kids and watched them until we walked in the door about 20 minutes ago. Chris drove us to downtown Nashville and when we got out at Sat Co, he informed me we were meeting friends for dinner there in an hour. At that point, I said, "Can I ask you a question? Are we going to the Coldplay concert!?!" What an AMAZING surprise, I think everyone who's close to us has known for weeks....I on the other hand had NO clue! We walked up and down Broadway and many blocks while we waited to meet our friends so that was my workout! I can tell you now I DIDN'T eat WW friendly...their chips & queso are my favorite! The concert was absolutely incredible. We had great seats and loved Snow Patrol's show, too. The glow in the dark butterflies and yellow bouncy balls made the show really fun. Plus the band is SO interactive and engaging! So thankful to Chris for a wonderful and unexpected date night!
Abundance is...unexpected time with my hubby, great friends and wonderful parents.

05 June 2009

DAY 121

First of all, reality just set in...I've been blogging for 121 days! AMAZING! I don't stick to many things so the fact that I'm still committed is pretty wonderful. :)
Our home study meeting went great today and then we decided to take a last minute trip to the ZOO! Someone gave us a pack of free passes...what a blessing! It was the PERFECT day for some outside fun. We got there at 4:30 and they close at 6PM so we booked it and by that I mean we ran/fast walked the whole zoo in an hour! There's my workout for you! Then we let the kids play in the bouncy/playground area for the last 30 minutes. It was such a treat and the kids had a ball.
Afterwards, we headed back to Cool Springs for dinner at my fav...Cracker Barrel (I ate WW friendly) and then we hit the mall. I became a fan of Victoria Secret on Facebook and got a coupon for a free pair of panties so we did a little shopping at Vic Sec and the Disney store.
As always, bedtime stories are so sweet with the kids all cuddled around. So grateful for a wonderful day! Now Chris and I are relaxing and watching a movie together.
Abundance is...sweet moments with my precious family.

04 June 2009

DAY 120

I'll make this fairly short since it's SO late! We've been getting our paperwork and stuff together for our first home study visit tomorrow. Woohoo!
My day has been full so there was NO time to get on the treadmill (thanks for hoping Ally!) Eating was ok but not stellar. Not the best blog day either. :)
But I will share an "Abundance" quote.
Abundance is....listening to Brit say the blessing and go on, and on, and on, praying for friends, family and neighbors by name and rattling off all kinds of things to God! Priceless!

03 June 2009

DAY 119

Another sweet morning in my closet praying and reading. Work was good and then I had my arm examined by an Orthopedic doctor who said I have nothing to worry about. Praise the Lord! The kids and I had a great evening together playing with Little Peoples and spending a little time with our neighbors. After bath time, we read bedtime stories and I got them down before my friend Laine came over for bible study. She just left so I didn't have a chance to get my workout in today. And it wasn't my best day of eating either. I didn't go overboard but I went over my points.
I do have another praise. We've been waiting for our home study to get under way and didn't think it would happen for a few months. Thankfully, someone contacted us today and will be coming out Friday.
Abundance is...watching my precious little ones play together. Thank you, God, for baby brother.

02 June 2009

DAY 118

I started my morning out in my closet...so thankful for some quiet time and prayer early this morning before my day began. Work was productive and then home this afternoon hanging with my precious kiddos. Tonight one of my Russia teammates came to the house so we could start prepping for our woman's study and craft time with the ladies. So excited to see what God has in store! Chris got home and we got the kids down, read bedtime stories, Chris is currently out for a scoot and I just jumped off the treadmill after a 35 minute walk. I've been tracking my points today and really being conscious of everything I put in my mouth!
I got the MRI results back today and there is a nodule on my left forearm so I have an appointment tomorrow to see an Orthopedic doctor. Because I love google, I googled "nodule" and they appear to be harmless, benign lumps. I've been rejoicing, praying and giving thanks all day....in all circumstances.
Abundance is...receiving a homemade craft made by my lovely little girl with so much love!

01 June 2009

DAY 117 - continued

Forgot to mention my weigh-in this morning. AGAIN, for the past 4 weeks I maintained the same weight. Good news and bad news. Hoping to get really serious this week!

DAY 117

Happy Monday! It's been a super busy day. Brit had a check-up appt at the ear doctor's this afternoon after work and got a great report. We waited and waited so we were there for awhile. It was past dinnertime so we made a pit stop at Papa John's. We enjoyed it with Mimi and Papa (we usually have family dinner on Tuesdays but had to move it to tonight this week). I only had 1.5 pieces of pizza and a salad with some strawberries. I counted my points today so I'm starting the week off right. Just didn't get my workout in. After Brit got down (at 9:30, it was a late night, we waited up for Daddy and then had a fun time reading bedtime stories with Daddy), my parents called and I'm just now getting off the phone! All in all, a great day!
Abundance is...listening to Brit recite David & Goliath.
Abundance is....the gorgeous evening sky tonight.