"I've found that when life's brush obscures my view with gloomy strokes that seem to mar the scene, God's hand appears and gives to sunless hue and dreary skies a more majestic sheen." Gustafson

28 January 2010

60 days left til DISNEY!

I'm WIPED after another 5AM boot camp session this AM! I'm so glad I went because the group was smaller and we were in teams so we had fun cheering each other on. Today was my 2nd boot camp this week so I need to figure out one more time to fit it in this week....hopefully Saturday at 6AM if we're not snowed in.
Sweet time with friends at Chilis tonight! Now off for some much needed rest...

25 January 2010

DAY 63 and counting....

Only 63 days left til Disney!!! We're all getting more and more excited! Chris and I are signed-up for a volunteer day in the next few weeks so we can get free admission. What a sweet deal!

4:30AM came EARLY this morning...it's so stinkin hard getting up and motivated when it's cold. But, alas, I was at D-1 ready for my first workout of the week. We had 5 lb weights in each hand the entire 50 minutes and really focused on working our legs and core. My legs were BURNING up and down the field!

Excited to return Wednesday AM!

22 January 2010

DAY 65....

Today was my 5th time at D-1 boot camp! Hallelujah! Something clicked mentally today and I'm really anxious to go back. My body's aching, especially my legs from today's workout, but I can feel my body toning. This is really the best thing I've ever committed to. I'll be back Monday AM!

20 January 2010

DAY 67

D-1 boot camp is down right the HARDEST thing I've EVER done! Worse than a half marathon and 50 billion times harder than giving birth & recovery. I got my bod out of bed at 4:25AM this morning and did my time at boot camp. We pushed 25 lb disks down and back up the field for 40 minutes straight including push-ups and burpies in between. TORTURE! It was doing sideways bear crawls with 15 lb weights in each hand that I felt the deepest burn in my legs. My body is so stinkin sore BUT I feel really good because I know I'm gaining strength and toning up. I'm using muscles I never knew existed! :)

18 January 2010

DAY 69

My body is in turmoil! I pulled a muscle in my lower stomach/side this afternoon playing cars (of all things!) with Thunder and it totally effected my time at boot camp tonight. Thankfully, Chris had the day off so we had a fun family day together. And since I didn't make it to 5AM boot camp this morning, the fam dropped me off at D-1 for an hour while they went to the play area at the mall.
The inner tube of fat around my tummy was flapping like crazy tonight! This coach might even be harder than my 5AM coach! It was ROUGH! BUT, I'm so thankful I'm doing this. The hard work and pain WILL pay off! I'm eating healthier and drinking lots of H20. Disney, here I come!

17 January 2010

DAY 70

Due to an AWFUL migraine that caused me to throw-up, I didn't get my home workout in today and I doubt I'll make it to boot camp at 5AM because it's still lingering. I hate that migraines are so debilatating. A dear friend whom I haven't seen in a few months, came over today and instead of getting to hang with her much, she graciously watched the kids while I napped. I couldn't function and I'm still moving pretty slow. I did keep track of my calories and went over some because I drank a lot of Coke....caffeine usually helps.
I'm hoping to make it to the 5PM or 6PM boot camp tomorrow.
Off to bed soon...

16 January 2010

DAY 71

No boot camp today but I did do a 20 minute fast-paced cardio workout. I'm actually not as sore as I thought I'd be today. I wanted to try the Saturday boot camp class but it's at 6:30AM and it just doesn't work out with the kids wake-up schedule. Plus, I don't want to over do it my first week. I'm watching what I eat and allowing myself some treats (within reason). Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start keeping track of my calories again, which will be a big help.

15 January 2010

Day 72....

I can proudly say that on this day, Day 72 of our Disney countdown, I joined D-1 Sports boot camp for 1 year! I have up to 3 months to cancel if I don't want to continue. As I was signing-up, I found out that my 5AM Coach is a former Navy Seal, I'm doomed! I went to bed really late last night and was so tempted to skip my 2nd day of boot camp but I'm SO glad I went! It was TOUGH and I was heaving and gasping for breath during a few of the exercises, but I feel really good (and sore!).
Thank goodness for a little Christmas money to help with my new commitment. That and I'm fasting from Starbucks until after Disney so I'll be saving at least $8-10/week and as always, I'm trying to cut down our grocery expenses.
I even bought a few exercise pants and tops (on sale, of course!) for my new endeavor. Saturdays and Sundays, I plan on working out at home and then it's boot camp Mon, Wed & Fri. Here's to getting healthy again!

13 January 2010

I did it....Day 74!

I actually did it....I got my booty out of bed at 4:25AM and got myself to D-1 for my first morning of boot camp!! I can't believe it!! It was BRUTAL on this bod but I've felt so much better all day long! I've been eating well and drinking lots of water. I'm going again in the morning (at 5AM) and if it doesn't kill me, I might just sign a contract on Friday! :)
Disney in 74 and counting...

12 January 2010

Twas the night before D-1 Boot Camp!

I'm back friends....I didn't just FALL off the wagon over the holidays, I TANKED and have been at the bottom of the ocean! I overindulged (as is my nature) and HAVE HAD IT! We've been making our Disney plans for Brit's 5th at the end of March which has been inspiring me to get going on my weight loss. My goal is still to lose 20 lbs by March 27th. One blogger coins it "Minniemizing for the Mouse!" 75 days and counting!
As you all know, I can never seem to stay consistent with eating healthy or exercising. So, I'm going to do a trial run at D-1 Boot Camp starting tomorrow morning at 5AM! YIKES! I REALLY need the accountability and encouragement that I don't have on my own.
Here's to getting skinnier in 2010! I've been drooling over my brand new black skinny pants that have been hanging in my closet for 2 years unworn. I'm ready!