"I've found that when life's brush obscures my view with gloomy strokes that seem to mar the scene, God's hand appears and gives to sunless hue and dreary skies a more majestic sheen." Gustafson

16 March 2010

T-12 and counting!

Only 12 days left until we reach the most magical place on earth! Ha! I got off my rump and dragged myself to D-1 for bootcamp this morn. It's always SO hard to get motivated to go but after, I always feel so much stronger and energized. The pounds still aren't shedding BUT I know I'm toning up, I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting these days.
This past weekend, I ate like a QUEEN! I didn't go overboard or anything but we did have dinner out with some great friends at a Japanese steakhouse and then went to an amazing yogurt shop after. In between dinner and yogurt, we played a round of laser tag so I probably burned a few calories! And then Saturday, I went to a baby shower at a wonderful tea room at an old plantation manor with some friends. Again, I ate some nice treats (little sandwiches, small scones, hot tea and a few treats). BUT, the cool thing is, even though I did have some sweets over the weekend, I HAVEN'T used that as an excuse to fall off the wagon. So grateful I'm continuing on a healthy path.
This week I need to up the water as I haven't been getting in a full gallon since the weekend.
Here's to a healthy and fit week ahead!

11 March 2010

"Get off your but!"

Alarm beeped at 4:25AM and I laid in bed for 5 minutes making excuses about why I couldn't get my buns out of bed. Thankfully, I made the best decision and got to bootcamp just in time for another kick butt session! Lots of running up and down stairs, burpies, sprinting and team exercises. Somewhere in between the huffing and puffing, I heard Coach Carter say, "You have to get off your but!" Not your backside, BUT the excuses we make. "But I can't workout because...." or "But I'm too tired..." This really slapped me in the face because I'm the QUEEN of using "but" statements! By the end of the session, we had one lap to go around the field and out of nowhere I was overcome with energy and sprinted like I've never done before! It felt so good...I can tell I'm building stamina and strength. Maybe I won't quit after all!

Still killing the water and laying off sugary/white flour foods. I can tell I'm toning up a little but not like I had hoped for. So, it's time to start counting calories again. I've been slacking in that department and obviously that's the key to getting the fat to melt off. I feel like I'm making good choices all around EXCEPT for keeping track of my caloric intake. Off to write in my journal....

09 March 2010

18 days to go....

Disney here we come! Dang, we're excited! I was back at D-1 this morn at 5AM. It was a TOUGH one....but most of them are. I'm still trying to get a gallon of water in everyday and haven't had any sugary foods or white flour foods until today when I chose to get a Starbucks coffee lite frap. I was in need of a little energy and it definitely helped. I passed up the cookies and angel food cake so I'm proud to say that just because I had a sugary drink (12 grams of sugar), I didn't fall off the wagon! Seriously, chocolate chip cookies have been in the house since Sunday and I haven't had any nor have I been tempted! It's incredible how the craving for sweets has gone since I cut them out. Again, I'm not making any commitments as to how long I'll go without sweets BUT I'm continuing to choose not to for now.
It's a little discouraging because I feel like the weight show be melting off since I'm not eating sweets, drinking tons of water AND doing boot camp 3-4 times a week. BUT, it's not. Trying to stay focused and not concentrate on the number on the scale.
So appreciate the encouragement and support!

04 March 2010

Only 23 more days!

Let's give it up for Disney in 23 days!! Woohoo! And to add to the excitement, I just finished my 3rd day this week at boot camp! I've met a few more people who have been so encouraging. This morning my new partner is the Director for an adoption agency here in town...so it was fun chatting with her. She told me to come back in the morning...which would make 4 times this week and my 3rd day in a row. I will say it HELPS to have people rooting for you and holding you accountable.

I'm on day 4 of the gallon challenge and haven't had any trouble getting my gallon in every day. I just feel like I'm floating all the time (or in the bathroom!). And today marks 1 week since I cut out sugary foods and white flour. I feel GREAT! My skin feels better, no migraines and I have more energy. I weighed myself last weekend and had dropped 2 lbs and have decided not to weigh myself again until Saturday. I don't want to get obsessed about the number on the scale. The most important thing is that I'm eating healthier (I'm CRAVING fruit for my sweets) and taking better care of my body. I even sat down with a small bowl of grapes while we watched American Idol last night. I've NEVER done that in my life! :)

Feeling strong...Lord, help me stay the course.