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11 May 2010

WW Journal 5/11

Another GREAT, kick-butt workout at D-1 boot camp this morning! Thursday marks the end of my journey there...I'm a bit sad. Unfortunately, I pulled a groin muscle so I'm in pain tonight. Hoping rest will help it recover so I can meet my friend to walk tomorrow morning at 5AM.

Fun day but I'm exhausted. Sorry for the short post...off to bed.

WW Journal 5/11
Pre-workout: 1 TBSP peanut butter-2.5pts
Breakfast: 2 whole wheat zucchini choc chip muffins-4pts
Snack: peanut butter granola bar-4pts
Lunch: Popcorn-2pts, apple-1pt, cheese stick-2pts
Snack: whole wheat zucchini choc chip muffin-2pts
Dinner: Weight Watchers Taco Soup with cheese-8pts, grapes-1pt, fat free chocolate pudding-2pts, 1 red. fat oreo-3pts

Workout: 45 minute boot camp workout
Total Points: 31.5
Activity Points Earned: 6pts
Goal Points: 22pts
Points including Flex Points: 25.5points (3.5 flex points)
Water: 4 cups

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Allison said...

Ok friend, has this blog been abandoned? :) Waiting for a new post...Hope all is well!!